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New Year's Resolutions

• Bridget Jones begins her diary with two lists: an "I Will" list and an "I Will Not" list for the upcoming year.
• Bridget's "I Will Not" list addresses her desire to stop dating unavailable men, lose weight, stop smoking, waste money, and not daydream about her boss.
• Bridget's "I Will" list shows her desire to save money, find a new job, focus on self-improvement, and drink less.


• Bridget's mum uses guilt to get her to attend a neighbor's annual New Year's Turkey Curry Buffet in Bridget's hometown.
• Bridget is awkwardly forced into conversation with Mark Darcy, a family friend, and decides she does not like him very much.
• Despite her vow, Bridget begins flirting with her boss, Daniel Cleaver, and agrees to go on a date with him.


• Bridget learns that her parents are splitting up and discovers that her mum has a...

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