Bridge to Terabithia Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Jess run every morning during his summer vacation?

Jess runs every morning on summer vacation because he wants to be the fastest runner in the fifth grade.

2. What does Katherine Paterson mean when, on page 3, Jess is described as having more grit than any other 10-year-old?

Jess is described as having ‘more grit than any other 10-year-old’ because he is wiling to wake up every morning during the summer and push himself and run as hard as he can.

3. Why doesn’t Jess want anyone to know that he is running?

Jess doesn’t want his sisters to know he is running every morning, because he fears they will tease him. He also doesn’t want the other boys in the fifth grade to know that he is working so hard at being fast. He thinks that if they know, then they might start training hard too.

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