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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If he had enough money, what would Jess buy for Leslie for Christmas?
(a) A new sweater.
(b) A watercolor set.
(c) A television.
(d) A new book.

2. What happens to Jess’s father in Chapter 8?
(a) He is laid off from work.
(b) He gets a promotion.
(c) He quits his job.
(d) He gets a new job.

3. What does Jess like to draw?
(a) Landscapes.
(b) Animals.
(c) People.
(d) Hands.

4. What does Jess blame Leslie for in Chapter 12?
(a) For stealing his friends.
(b) Making him too girly and emotional.
(c) Forcing him to only be the second fastest runner in the fifth grade.
(d) Bringing him into her world and before he was yet comfortable, leaving him stranded without her when he needs her most.

5. What is taken from May Belle in Chapter 5?
(a) Her winrter hat.
(b) Her Twinkies.
(c) Her paper dolls.
(d) Her homework.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Leslie finally tell Jess what happened with Janice Avery?

2. What do Bill and Judy give Jess in Chapter 13?

3. Who is afraid of the water in Chapter 9?

4. What happened during the month of March?

5. What do Brenda and Ellie accuse Jess of the morning after finding out Leslie is dead?

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