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This is the imaginary kingdom created by Leslie and Jesse. Physically, it exists not far from their homes on the opposite side of a usually-dry creek bed. The proper way to enter this place is to swing across the creek using an old rope tied to a nearby tree.

The Stronghold

This is the fort that Jesse and Leslie erect inside their make-believe land.

The Forest

This is the sacred wood inside their make-believe, which Jesse and Leslie enter only during times of great sadness or joy.

The Track

The Lark Creek Elementary boys and Leslie compete in foot races along this.

Lark Creek Elementary

This is Jesse and Leslie's school.

Swing Rope

This is what the kids use to swing across the creek and into their make-believe land. It eventually breaks, contributing to Leslie's accidental death.

Dad's Truck

This object’s "barripity" sound, heard as Jesse's...

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