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Essay Topic 1

Lark Creek Elementary School does not have enough sports equipment for all the students. Likewise, Jess describes his house as “rattly” and the surrounding properties as downtrodden and worn. What does this suggest about the neighborhood and community where Jess is living?

Essay Topic 2

Jess's irritation with his four sisters, his conflicts with his short-tempered mother, and his defeat in the race for which he trained all summer might have prevented his friendship with Leslie. How would you account for the growth of their friendship?

Essay Topic 3

How does Terabithia aid Jess and Leslie in their developing friendship? What do they bring to their imaginary land, and what do they gain from it?

Essay Topic 4

Janice Avery is feared by Jess and Leslie. How just and how effective is the revenge that Jess and Leslie seek against Janice for her theft from May Belle?

Essay Topic 5

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