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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the beauty of the train a symbol for in Jack's mind?

2. How does Scratchy's little fingers move with the revolvers?

3. Where does Scratchy find the piece of paper?

4. When he fires at the paper, how much does he miss it by?

5. How does Scratchy identify the bride?

Short Essay Questions

1. Does Jack Potter seem unafraid? Why? Does he know that Scratchy will not shoot him? Or does he feel he is ready if he is shot? Does Jack understand that Scratchy will have some ethics involved here?

2. Does Scratchy finally fire at the windows of the bar like the barkeeper thought he would? Is it good that everyone inside took cover?

3. Do you think the dog has been shot before? Why did he not move when he heard Scratchy coming up the street?

4. Judging from the bride's reaction, do you think she's ever been faced with anything like this before? Why? Why not? What does this tell the reader about her home in San Antonio?

5. Judging from Scratchy's question about Sunday School, do you think men in Yellow Sky carry guns to church?

6. When Jack thinks back to the Pullman and all its beauty, what is this a symbol of?

7. When the bride and groom round the corner and meet Scratchy, what is Jack about to do? How would this scene have been different if Scratchy hadn't been there?

8. What is the dog a symbol of? What is the dog supposed to be in this story?

9. When Jack encounters Scratchy, does he show fear? Why do you think that?

10. Scratchy shoots twice and misses. Once at the paper and once at the dog. Do you think he misses the dog of purpose? Is he just trying to scare the dog? What about the paper?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the porters as characters. Do you think being a porter was a good job at this time? Do you think they traveled? How do they regard the couple? Why? Why do they feel superior to this couple?

Essay Topic 2

Why does the couple run home? Why do they not want to see anybody on the way? What are they afraid will happen?

Essay Topic 3

What does the scenery out the train window and the encounter with Scratchy at the end of the story have in common? What does each scene tell us about the future of the Old West?

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