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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Scratchy do with the weapon he is trying to load when he sees Jack?
(a) Fumbles it and drops it.
(b) Loads it and shoots.
(c) Puts it in the holster.
(d) Drops it to the ground.

2. Who is Jack Potter in the mind of Scratchy?
(a) His friend.
(b) His ancient antagonist.
(c) His father.
(d) His mentor.

3. What does Jack say he'd have done if he'd known that Scratchy would be there waiting for him?
(a) He woulde have returned home more carefully.
(b) He would have brought his guns.
(c) He would have stopped for a drink.
(d) He would have taken the next train.

4. When does Scratchy first notice the bride?
(a) When they round the corner.
(b) When Jack tells him that he is married.
(c) When she screams.
(d) When he shoots Jack.

5. How does the couple sometimes laugh together as they walk to their home?
(a) Breaking into laughter.
(b) Giggling like children.
(c) Smiling sweetly at each other.
(d) Shamefacedly and low.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Scratchy walks away from the bar, what is he humming?

2. Jack doesn't take Scratchy for a kid; he takes him for a what?

3. What does the stillness of the town form over Scratchy?

4. What does Scratchy say when Jack tells him of his morning?

5. Why does Jack not have gun?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are all of the houses made of? What does this tell us about the area? What kind of weather do they encounter? What heritage do the Texans have?

2. What does the stillness and silence of the city signify? Why does the author state that the silence was like the "arch of a tomb" over Scratchy's head?

3. What is Apache scalp music? Why does Scratchy walk to Jack's house humming this music?

4. Does Scratchy finally fire at the windows of the bar like the barkeeper thought he would? Is it good that everyone inside took cover?

5. The author writes that Jack's house looks at Scratchy like a great stone god. What is the symbolism of this?

6. What is Scratchy's reaction to Jack telling him that he's married?

7. What does Scratchy do with the piece of paper he found? What is he practicing? Could this be dangerous?

8. How does Scratchy react to the closed door of the Weary Gentleman? Is this a ritual? Has this happened before?

9. Does Jack Potter seem unafraid? Why? Does he know that Scratchy will not shoot him? Or does he feel he is ready if he is shot? Does Jack understand that Scratchy will have some ethics involved here?

10. How does the author describe the gunman's anger? Describe the muscles in his neck. What are they doing? How does he look?

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