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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 3 Scratchy is in the deepest rage over what?
(a) Jack's refusal to fight.
(b) Jack's chickens.
(c) The immobility of the hosue.
(d) Jack's hiding in the house.

2. What does Jack remind Scratchy of when he picks up his suitcase to part?
(a) That Scratchy better leave town.
(b) That he's going inside with his wife.
(c) That Scratchy is a sorry drunk.
(d) That Scratchy started the trouble to begin with.

3. What does the dog do when he finally sees Scratchy?
(a) He runs at Scratchy.
(b) He wimpers to be petted.
(c) He watches him carefully.
(d) He gets up and walks away growling.

4. How does the author describe the town through Scratchy's mind?
(a) It is dangerous to him.
(b) It is wearing for him.
(c) It is a toy for him.
(d) It is a joke to him.

5. Why does Jack not have gun?
(a) He could not get through security with a gun.
(b) He felt wrong to wear them in church.
(c) His guns are in his luggage.
(d) He was just married in San Antonio.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jack tell Scratchy to shoot him now?

2. What does the stillness of the town form over Scratchy?

3. How does the author describe the fact that Jack has trouble speaking when he sees Scratchy?

4. Scratcy's yelling is met by what on Main Street?

5. What is the barkeeper's dog doing when Scratchy approaches?

Short Essay Questions

1. Scratchy shoots twice and misses. Once at the paper and once at the dog. Do you think he misses the dog of purpose? Is he just trying to scare the dog? What about the paper?

2. Does Jack Potter seem unafraid? Why? Does he know that Scratchy will not shoot him? Or does he feel he is ready if he is shot? Does Jack understand that Scratchy will have some ethics involved here?

3. Does Scratchy introduce himself to Jack's new wife? Why? Why not? How does he feel when he realizes that he is confronted with Jack's wife?

4. What does Scratchy do with the piece of paper he found? What is he practicing? Could this be dangerous?

5. The author alludes to fighting 200 Mexicans. What does this tell us about the history of Yellow Sky?

6. How does Scratchy react to the closed door of the Weary Gentleman? Is this a ritual? Has this happened before?

7. When Jack thinks back to the Pullman and all its beauty, what is this a symbol of?

8. Judging from Scratchy's question about Sunday School, do you think men in Yellow Sky carry guns to church?

9. How does the author describe the gunman's anger? Describe the muscles in his neck. What are they doing? How does he look?

10. When Jack encounters Scratchy, does he show fear? Why do you think that?

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