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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the objects across the street from the bar resemble?
(a) The vastness of the desert.
(b) The yellow of a cliff.
(c) The grass on the theater stage.
(d) The blue of the ocean.

2. What does the station-agent do when he sees Jack?
(a) Remains seated in his chair.
(b) Waves his hands and runs toward them.
(c) Calls his name and gets his luggage.
(d) Smiles and waves.

3. How does the reader know the drummer is nervous?
(a) He can't stop talking.
(b) He can't stop laughing.
(c) He seems trigger happy.
(d) He is perspiring.

4. What is Scratchy like when he is sober?
(a) A very happy guy.
(b) One of the nicest guys in town.
(c) Moody and dark.
(d) Mean.

5. Where is the barkeeper's dog?
(a) Sleeping at the end of main street.
(b) He lays on the boardwalk that crosses the front door of the bar.
(c) Out back, chasing rabbits.
(d) Sleeping under a table.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the men in the bar know Scratchy is approaching?

2. How many men are in the bar?

3. What does the porter do to make the exit from the train easier?

4. Who has never been on a train before?

5. How many miles is it from one end of the state to the other?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the author say the bride has cooked before? What gives the reader the clue to her background?

2. What is the author telling us by the use of the word "ain't" by the bride?

3. Why does the man in the bar ask for a drink from the barkeeper and then swallow it down? Does this action seem out-of-place? Overly dramatic? Why? Why not?

4. Describe the town. Detail the colors and textures as experienced by a visitor. Why do you think the story is set in this town?

5. Why do all the men in the bar want to see Jack? What can he do that they can't? It appears nobody is really going to fight? Is there a real danger here?

6. The author describes the grassy plots across the street from the bar as looking like grass on a stage. What does this tell the reader about the times and entertainment?

7. What is the drummer's reaction to Jack's job? Do you get the sense that this is unusual for the drummer? He is a traveling man, but is not prepared for this. What does this say about the town of Yellow Sky?

8. Jack sits with a hand on each knee like a man waiting for a barber to cut his hair. What does this tell us about Jack?

9. Explain the significance of the Mexicans in the bar.

10. What is the symbolism of Jack's "brick colored" hands? What does this tell the reader about Jack?

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