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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Scratchy do when he arrives at Jack's house?
(a) He stumbles and falls.
(b) He starts shooting.
(c) He howls a challenge.
(d) He is silent.

2. What does Scratchy accuse Jack of trying to do?
(a) Shoot him.
(b) Sneak up on him.
(c) Hide behind his wife.
(d) Lie to him.

3. How do Jack and his wife walk through the town?
(a) Slowly.
(b) They cover their heads from the rain.
(c) Sheepishly and quickly.
(d) They run.

4. How does Scratchy secure the piece of paper that he shoots at?
(a) With a pin.
(b) With his knife.
(c) With a nail.
(d) With his pistol.

5. What does Scratchy say when Jack tells him of his morning?
(a) "It's all off then."
(b) "You're a coward."
(c) "Then go inside and get your guns."
(d) "I don't care. I'll shoot you anyways."

6. What is the color of the tops of Scratchy's boots?
(a) Blue.
(b) Red.
(c) Green.
(d) Violte.

7. When Scratchy walks away from the couple, what shape do his footprints make in the dirt?
(a) Square shaped.
(b) Triangle shaped.
(c) Funnel shaped.
(d) Round shaped.

8. What defining features do Scratchy's boots have?
(a) Gilded imprints.
(b) Gold buttons.
(c) Gold thread.
(d) Hand-sewn ribbon.

9. What does Scratchy want at the Weary Gentleman?
(a) The barkeeper.
(b) The drummer.
(c) A drink.
(d) The dog.

10. What does Scratchy do to the door of the Weary Gentleman?
(a) He shoots at the door.
(b) He runs at the door.
(c) He yells at the door.
(d) He bangs on the door with his revolver.

11. What does Jack say he'd have done if he'd known that Scratchy would be there waiting for him?
(a) He would have brought his guns.
(b) He would have taken the next train.
(c) He woulde have returned home more carefully.
(d) He would have stopped for a drink.

12. The long revolvers on Scratchy's hands are as easy as what?
(a) Thread.
(b) Forks.
(c) Candy.
(d) Straws.

13. When he fires at the paper, how much does he miss it by?
(a) A mile.
(b) A 1/2 inch.
(c) A yard.
(d) A foot.

14. What did the color of the wood on the train look like?
(a) Dark as the surface of a pool of oil.
(b) The color of shoe polish.
(c) The color of a beautiful brown horse.
(d) Gleaming like a wooden coach.

15. What do the cords of Scratchy's neck do?
(a) Sink into his neck and disappear.
(b) Pop out in red veins.
(c) Straighten and sink as passion moves him.
(d) Nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jack not have gun?

2. What does Jack do with his suitcase when he sees Scratchy?

3. How does the author describe the walking pattern of the couple heading toward home?

4. What does Scratchy do to scare the dog?

5. What does Scratchy do with the weapon he is trying to load when he sees Jack?

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