The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky Fun Activities

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Wheel Of Fortune

Use sayings from the story and play Wheel of Fortune. This can be done with construction paper. Have one student play Vanna and turn the letters. Play in teams and collect points.


Draw a map of the town of Yellow Sky. Be sure to include the train station, Main Street, the bar and Jack's house.

Western Film

Could this story be a film? Discuss how it could be shot. What sets would you need? What costumes would you need? How many characters are there?


Draw a picture of the train car. Using descriptions from the story, draw the train car--the pullman and the dining car as you see it. Use crayons or chalk.

Character game

Write descriptions of characters on pieces of paper. Divide the class into two teams. Draw pieces of paper from a hat. Have a representative of each team at...

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