The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky Character Descriptions

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Jack Potter

This character hastily takes a bride that he thinks he is in love with, despite her lower class and the retribution the secret marriage may bring from the community.

The Bride

This character is very aware of social class and is in awe of the elegant surroundings on the train.

Scratchy Wilson

This character is the last of an old gang that used to hang out by the river near the town. The character is a gentle, elderly person--until the character starts drinking.

The Drummer

A newcomer to the town, this character is young, naive, talkative, and curious and is used by the author to provide insight into the situation through action rather than through narration.

The Negro Waiters

Their job being to wait on the couple, these characters have an air of superiority about them and are subtly condescending in their manner toward the young...

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