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Chapter 1

• A bride and groom board the Pullman car of a train in San Antonio one morning, right after they are married.

• They are dressed in their finest clothes, but his hands are red from weather and hers look as if she cooked before.
• She is not pretty or young, and the other travelers watch them with bemusement, including the African American porter.

• Her language is coarse.
• The groom describes Texas as 1,000 miles across, and points out the luxuries of the train, which she has never seen before.
• He has bought her a silver pocket watch in San Antonio as a wedding gift, and she is quite taken with it.

• They eat in the dining car under the scrutiny of the waiters and other passengers.
• The train approaches the Rio Grande River and the town of Yellow Sky where Jack Potter in the town marshal.

• Nobody in town...

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