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Monica Ali
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In their neighborhood, there is now tension between:
(a) radical Muslims, Muslims and non-Muslims
(b) gangs
(c) Muslims and police
(d) whites and blacks

2. Chanu says that Nazneen had:
(a) nervous exhaustion
(b) nervous breakdown
(c) pneumonia
(d) epilepsy

3. Raizaq and BNazneen see Dr. Azad to seek help for:
(a) Shahana
(b) Tariq
(c) Chanu
(d) Mrs. Islam

4. Shahana has begun to:
(a) cry about moving
(b) taunt her father
(c) tease Bibi about life in Bangladesh
(d) look forward to mvoing to Bangladesh

5. What does Chanu do after having been in England for almost thirty years?
(a) takes the family sightseeing
(b) applies for citizenship
(c) allows his girls to wear Western style clothing
(d) applies for benefits

Short Answer Questions

1. When Nazneen hears Chanu and Dr. Azad discussing drug abuse, she thinks of:

2. Nazneen thinks her relationship with Karim will:

3. During this time, Karim is:

4. Nazneen tells Karim that she:

5. Hasina writes her sister to:

Short Essay Questions

1. What indication is there of Nazneen's confusion over what she wants?

2. After the meeting, what happens when Karim brings clothes to Nazneen?

3. After almost thirty years in England, why does Chanu decide to go sightseeing?

4. What happens that accelerates Chanu's plan to move his family to Bangladesh?

5. What does Karim tell Nazneen about a group of kids in the neighborhood?

6. What does the entire family attend?

7. Why doesn't Nazneen talk to Raiza about Karim?

8. What happens when Nazneen goes out for thread?

9. What does Nazneen learn from her letters from Hasina?

10. When Nanzeen tells Karim of the plans to move to Bangladesh, what does he tell her?

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