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Monica Ali
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before doing housework, Nazneen:
(a) sits and gossips with her friends
(b) reads the newspaper
(c) sneaks out to shop
(d) reads from the Qur'an

2. Who had Chanu received a letter from?
(a) Mrs. Islam
(b) a relative requesting money
(c) Hasina
(d) Nazneen's father

3. Hasina works in a:
(a) bar
(b) garment factory
(c) restaurant
(d) store

4. Chanu brings Nazneen her:
(a) clean clothing
(b) jewelry
(c) tasbee
(d) new sari

5. Rupban's husband is:
(a) Banesa
(b) Mumtaz
(c) Hamid
(d) Chanu

Short Answer Questions

1. Chanu is teaching his daughter to recite:

2. Chanu shows Nazneen a sketch of:

3. What is Chanu so concerned with at his work?

4. When his daughters displease him, Chanu:

5. Dr. Azad's reaction at seeing Chanu and Nazneen is described as:

Short Essay Questions

1. What were the circumstances of Nazneen's sister's marriage?

2. Why is Chanu upset with Dr. Azad?

3. What happens to Hasina's second marriage to Ahmed?

4. Why is Chanu quarreling with Dr. Azad about?

5. What does Chanu tell Nazneen that his long range plans are?

6. What is causing conflict with their older daughter Shahana?

7. Why is Chanu short with Nazneen when she mentions Mrs. Islam?

8. How do Chanu and Nazneen feel about one another at this point?

9. What is Dr. Azad's view of Pakistani immigrants in London?

10. Why is Nazneen worried?

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