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Monica Ali
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dr. Azad's reaction at seeing Chanu and Nazneen is described as:
(a) if he had seen a ghost
(b) anger
(c) happy
(d) warmth

2. Who looks after Hasina?
(a) Aleya
(b) Mr. Chowdhury
(c) Shehnaz
(d) Renu

3. Karim invites Chanu and Nazneen to:
(a) the theater
(b) his mother's home for tea
(c) a meeting at the mosque
(d) his uncle's home for dinner

4. Raiza tells Nazneen that her husband has been sending money to:
(a) his mother
(b) an iman to build a mosque in the village
(c) his brother
(d) his sister

5. The topic of discussion at the dinner with Dr. Azad is:
(a) Mrs. Thatcher's policies
(b) Dr. Azad's practice
(c) Chanu's health
(d) Pakistanis in London

Short Answer Questions

1. Nazneen wants Hasina to:

2. Before doing housework, Nazneen:

3. What is Chanu so concerned with at his work?

4. While they are talking, Nazneen thinks about:

5. What will Chanu have within several months of the dinner with Dr. Azad?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were the circumstances of Nazneen's sister's marriage?

2. During the dinner, what does Chanu feel bitter about?

3. Why does the upset Nazneen wander around the city?

4. How does the family survive?

5. What does Nazneen want Chanu to do for Hasina?

6. What is causing conflict with their older daughter Shahana?

7. What does Hasina encourage Nazneen to do?

8. How is Nazneen beginning to view her husband?

9. What is Chanu's theory about Mrs. Islam's handkerchiefs?

10. What is Chanu's attitude about his job as a taxi driver?

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