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Monica Ali
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Raiza and Nazneen are shopping, Nazneen:
(a) wants to talk about Karim but doesn't
(b) asks questions about divorce
(c) tells Raiza about Karim
(d) says she is returning to Bangladesh with Chanu

2. Shahana has begun to:
(a) tease Bibi about life in Bangladesh
(b) cry about moving
(c) look forward to mvoing to Bangladesh
(d) taunt her father

3. Wher does Chanu send an email to inquiring about a job?
(a) Open University
(b) The Foreign Office
(c) Harvard University
(d) Dhaka University

4. What does Raiza tell Nazneen that Tariq has done?
(a) in in jail for theft
(b) run away
(c) is in the hospital
(d) sold the furniture

5. The meeting at the mosque was attended by:
(a) twenty people
(b) one hundred people
(c) fifty people
(d) ten people

6. Nazneen tells Karim that she:
(a) wnts to marry him
(b) has nothing to say
(c) doesn't want to marry him
(d) is going with Chanu

7. Nazneen tells her daughters:
(a) she will help them food places to live in London if Chanu moves
(b) a story about Mumtax and the jinni
(c) not to talk about moving to Bangladesh
(d) she is in love with Karim

8. After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Chanu:
(a) says Bangladesh will not be safe
(b) wants to send Bibi and Shahana away
(c) makes the move to Bangladesh a top priority
(d) wants to mvoe out of the city

9. What happened to the Bengal Tigers?
(a) they became too radical for most people
(b) they dwindled with the end of the Lion Hearts
(c) they became a part of the Hamas
(d) they continued as they were

10. How does Nazneen travel to meet Karim:
(a) taxi
(b) bicycle
(c) trolley
(d) tube

11. When Nazneen hears Chanu and Dr. Azad discussing drug abuse, she thinks of:
(a) Razia's on Tariq
(b) Karim
(c) Shahana
(d) Mrs. Islam

12. Why does Nazneen attend the meeting in preparation for the Bengal Tigers march?
(a) sahe wants to see Karim again
(b) Chanu forbade her to attend
(c) Chanu decided they would both go
(d) she wants to know what Chanu is up to

13. Which Nazneen bumps into Mrs. Islam at the butcher shop, she learns that:
(a) Mrs. Islamd knows about Karim
(b) mrs. Islam will forgive their debt
(c) Dr. Azad has given Chanu money for tickets to Bangladesh
(d) Mrs. Islam will given them mleny

14. What does Chanu do after having been in England for almost thirty years?
(a) applies for citizenship
(b) takes the family sightseeing
(c) applies for benefits
(d) allows his girls to wear Western style clothing

15. Who does Nazneen meet when she goes out for thread?
(a) the secretary from the mosque
(b) Mrs. Islam
(c) Karim
(d) Raiza

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Nazneen feel about their day of sightseeing?

2. When the Bengal Tigers hold a festival:

3. Nazneen gets Mrs. Islam to forgive their debt by:

4. What does Karim do at the meeting in preparation for the march?

5. During this time, Karim is:

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