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Monica Ali
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The attendees decide on the name of:
(a) Hamlet Bears
(b) Hamlet Tigers
(c) Bengal Tigers
(d) Bengal Lions

2. Nazneen plans to tell Chanu:
(a) the night before
(b) an hour before he is to leave for the airport
(c) she will disappear before he leaves
(d) at the airport

3. What event in everybody in their neighborhood talking about:
(a) the Bengal Tigers march
(b) a stabbing
(c) Karim and Nazneen
(d) the lack of police patrols

4. What does Raiza tell Nazneen that Tariq has done?
(a) in in jail for theft
(b) is in the hospital
(c) sold the furniture
(d) run away

5. Nazneen gets Mrs. Islam to forgive their debt by:
(a) throwing them out
(b) threatening to call the plice
(c) telling her to swear on the Qur'an that she is not a usurer
(d) refusing to pay

6. Raizaq and BNazneen see Dr. Azad to seek help for:
(a) Tariq
(b) Chanu
(c) Shahana
(d) Mrs. Islam

7. When Raiza and Nazneen are shopping, Nazneen:
(a) says she is returning to Bangladesh with Chanu
(b) tells Raiza about Karim
(c) asks questions about divorce
(d) wants to talk about Karim but doesn't

8. Hasina says that she is:
(a) looking for her husband
(b) wanting to return home
(c) not like their mother
(d) just like their mother

9. What does Chanu plan to do in Dhaka?
(a) write
(b) open a jute business
(c) open a soap business
(d) teach

10. Hasina writes her sister to:
(a) to criticize their mother
(b) to arrange a reconciliation with their father
(c) to give her advice
(d) tell a secret

11. Where Chanu says he will talk to her employer about Nazneen receiving more money, Nazneen:
(a) says it will do no good
(b) says she already asked and was refused
(c) says she's lucky she has work
(d) does not want Chanu to talk to him

12. During this time, Karim is:
(a) seeing another woman
(b) busy organizing a Bengal Tiger march
(c) working long hours
(d) out of town

13. Nazneen's decision was that she will:
(a) go to Bangladesh if Chanu goes
(b) stay and marry Karim
(c) not go to Bangladesh
(d) send the girls to Hasina

14. Who does Nazneen meet when she goes out for thread?
(a) the secretary from the mosque
(b) Raiza
(c) Mrs. Islam
(d) Karim

15. Why does Nazneen attend the meeting in preparation for the Bengal Tigers march?
(a) Chanu forbade her to attend
(b) she wants to know what Chanu is up to
(c) Chanu decided they would both go
(d) sahe wants to see Karim again

Short Answer Questions

1. Hasina's secret concerns:

2. Chanu says that Nazneen had:

3. The attendees decide that they will support all but:

4. Shahana has begun to:

5. When Raiza mentions Karim, what does Nazneen say?

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