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Monica Ali
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Karim learns of the plans to go to Bangladesh, he tells Nazneen :
(a) to let Chanu go and then divorce him
(b) their relationship is over
(c) she will not be happy there
(d) he will go with them

2. When Karim arrives with a load of jeans, they:
(a) continue their affair
(b) diescuss Nazneen obtaining a divorce
(c) discuss Nazneen and the girls leaving Chanu
(d) decide to end the affair

3. Raizaq and BNazneen see Dr. Azad to seek help for:
(a) Shahana
(b) Chanu
(c) Mrs. Islam
(d) Tariq

4. When Nazneen is sick, Dr. Azad recommends:
(a) hospitalization
(b) bedrest
(c) expensive medicine
(d) a vacation

5. What does Karim do at the meeting in preparation for the march?
(a) he rages against non-Muslims
(b) he calls for jihad
(c) he asks Chanu to become involed
(d) he assigns people to each block of apartments

6. Hasina writes her sister to:
(a) to arrange a reconciliation with their father
(b) tell a secret
(c) to criticize their mother
(d) to give her advice

7. After the meeting Karim:
(a) wants Nazneen to be more involved in mosque events
(b) ignores Nazneen
(c) keeps Nazneen informed of events in the Muslim world
(d) asks to talk to her husband

8. What does Chanu plan to do in Dhaka?
(a) write
(b) open a soap business
(c) teach
(d) open a jute business

9. What does Chanu do after having been in England for almost thirty years?
(a) applies for benefits
(b) allows his girls to wear Western style clothing
(c) takes the family sightseeing
(d) applies for citizenship

10. What is passed around for all to see during the meeting at the mosque?
(a) membership application
(b) a petition
(c) an article by Karim
(d) pictures of children

11. What term does the Questioner use at the meeting?
(a) jihad
(b) shaheed
(c) Hamas
(d) Intifada

12. Nazneen's affair with Karim is:
(a) known to Chanu
(b) known to Mrs. Islam
(c) still going on
(d) over

13. Chanu came home once when:
(a) Nazneen was at the mosque
(b) Karim was using his computer
(c) Shahana had friends over
(d) Raiza was visiting

14. Nazneen tells Karim that she:
(a) is going with Chanu
(b) has nothing to say
(c) wnts to marry him
(d) doesn't want to marry him

15. Nazneen thinks her relationship with Karim will:
(a) be acceptsd by the girls
(b) bring about her death
(c) be difficult for her firls to understand
(d) make her a social outvast

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Nazneen meet when she goes out for thread?

2. Tension in their neighborhood increases between the Bengal Tigers and the:

3. What does Shahana ask Chanu?

4. Nazneen tells her daughters:

5. Hasina is wondering if she:

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