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Monica Ali
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Chanu feel that the English feel so threatened by the Pakistanis?
(a) Pakastanis do well in school
(b) Pakistanis are good workers
(c) Pakistani culture is so strong
(d) the Pakistanis succeed in whatever they do

2. Chanu and Nazneen's son is called:
(a) Ruku
(b) Mustafa
(c) Hamid
(d) Raqib

3. After her marriage Nazneen:
(a) moved to a house in the village
(b) moved to London
(c) moved to Karachi
(d) remained in her father's home

4. Where do Chanu and Nazneen go on their Sunday outing?
(a) shopping
(b) to a rstaurant
(c) to visit Mrs. Islam
(d) to the house of Dr. Azad

5. Karim says their top priority is to:
(a) straighten out their neighborhood
(b) support the riots in Oldham
(c) support the Intifada
(d) raise funds for a new mosque

Short Answer Questions

1. Chanu is:

2. Hasina works in a:

3. Why does Hasina feel that Nazneen is depressed:

4. What does Nazneen feel is not true about Chanu:

5. Dr. Azad:

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