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Monica Ali
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Hasina's job at the garment factory?
(a) she is promoted
(b) she is fired
(c) she transfers to a different factory
(d) she quits

2. What does Nazneen refer to as the eternal three way torture?
(a) daughter-wife-daughter
(b) husband-wife-daughter
(c) daughter-father-daughter
(d) husband-wife-husband

3. During the visit, Mrs. Azad:
(a) argues with her husband
(b) remains silent
(c) watches television
(d) goes to another part of the house

4. What does Shahana do that irritates Chanu?
(a) she ignores Chanu
(b) she talks back and blow at her fringe
(c) she locks herself in her room
(d) she walks away

5. Why can't Hasina marry Abdul?
(a) her father won't alllow it
(b) his family won't allow it
(c) she has a husband who she ran away from
(d) she has no dowry

Short Answer Questions

1. What surprises Nazneen about Chanu?

2. What is the problem with Ruku?

3. Chanu tells Nazneen:

4. Raiza is working to:

5. How does Chanu rationalize the use of alcohol?

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