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Monica Ali
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mrs. Islam tells Nazneen the story of:
(a) how the women of her village persuaded the men to dig a well
(b) her life
(c) her husband's job search
(d) her son's travels

2. Who accompanies Nazneen to Dr. Azad's office?
(a) Raiza
(b) Chanu
(c) Mrs. Islam
(d) no one

3. Who is helping Hasina flee to Dhaka?
(a) her mother-in-law
(b) her landlady
(c) her father
(d) her boyfriend

4. What does Dr. Azad mention that Nazneen knows nothing about?
(a) nothing
(b) having dinner with Chanu
(c) a petition
(d) aseeing Chanu as a patient

5. What, according to Banesa, will determine if Nazneen will live?
(a) good medical care
(b) good food
(c) her mother's love
(d) fate

Short Answer Questions

1. Nazneen regularly:

2. When Rupban first went into labor, she was busy:

3. Chanu shows Nazneen a sketch of:

4. What did the sister Hasina do at the age of sixteen?

5. When Nazneen asks Chanu for a new sari, he:

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