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Monica Ali
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the sister Hasina do at the age of sixteen?
(a) took a job in the city
(b) went to work as a prostitute
(c) eloped
(d) left for college

2. Nazneen's marriage was:
(a) to a man she loved
(b) due to elopement
(c) dreaded
(d) arranged by her father

3. What will Chanu have within several months of the dinner with Dr. Azad?
(a) a new car
(b) a new job
(c) a second degree from a British university
(d) a new house

4. What is Chanu so concerned with at his work?
(a) salary
(b) promotion
(c) a feud with his boss
(d) office policy

5. Dr. Azad advises Chanu to:
(a) eat more slowly
(b) forget about his desired promotion
(c) not to be so ambitious
(d) forget about returning to Pakistan

Short Answer Questions

1. Before doing housework, Nazneen:

2. After her marriage Nazneen:

3. Mrs. Islam tells Nazneen the story of:

4. What, according to Banesa, will determine if Nazneen will live?

5. Dr. Azad is Nazneen's:

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