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Monica Ali
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long has Chanu been in England?
(a) sixteen years
(b) twenty-five years
(c) four years
(d) ten years

2. Nazneen found her way home after being lost by:
(a) retracing her steps
(b) asking directions at a Bangledeshi restaurant
(c) asking the police for directions
(d) asking a stranger for directions

3. Nazneen regularly:
(a) fights with Chanu
(b) ignores Chanu
(c) cuts Chanu's corns
(d) massages Chanu's neck

4. What does Chanu tell Dr. Azad that his plan is?
(a) to teacvh at the university
(b) to buy a new car
(c) to be successful and return to Pakistan
(d) to own a country estate

5. What does Chanu believe about the tunes he sings to the child in Nazneen's womb?
(a) he is proving to Nazneen that he wants the child
(b) it makes him happy
(c) the child will recognize them when he is born
(d) Nazneen finds it amusing

Short Answer Questions

1. Nazneen wants Chanu to:

2. Dr. Azad is Nazneen's:

3. What is Chanu so concerned with at his work?

4. Who does Nazneen think of while doing her housework and cooking?

5. What does Nazneen do when she is upset about Hasina's letter?

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