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Monica Ali
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Nazneen wants Chanu to:
(a) to quit his job
(b) go to Dhaka to find Hasina
(c) to move to the country
(d) talk to Hasina's husband

2. Who is helping Hasina flee to Dhaka?
(a) her boyfriend
(b) her mother-in-law
(c) her landlady
(d) her father

3. Nazneen concludes that Dr. Azad visits their flat to:
(a) enjoy their company
(b) eat Nazneen's traditional cooking
(c) help Chanu obtain his goals
(d) observe unhappiness greater than his own

4. Chanu has obtained a:
(a) new job
(b) new car
(c) bookkeeping certificate
(d) univeristy degree

5. Mrs. Islam tells Nazneen the story of:
(a) her life
(b) her son's travels
(c) her husband's job search
(d) how the women of her village persuaded the men to dig a well

Short Answer Questions

1. Hasina is considered the bad one at work because:

2. Shahana tells Nazneen that if they move to Bangladesh, she will:

3. As Nazneen is walking around lost, what does she think of:

4. What is the problem with Ruku?

5. Chanu feels that to be an immigrant is to:

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