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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Gemma's story, at what age will the heroine be when the curse comes to pass?
(a) Eighteen.
(b) Thirteen.
(c) Fifteen.
(d) Seventeen.

2. In Gemma's Briar Rose story, what does the prince do?
(a) He eats a frog.
(b) He marries the princess' stepmother.
(c) He wakes only the princess with his kiss.
(d) He shatters the glass slipper.

3. What is being made into a museum as of Chapter 8?
(a) Roosevelt's creation.
(b) A dignitary's home in Oswego.
(c) A WWII battleship docked off Oswego bay.
(d) Fort Oswego.

4. What time does Stan plan to arrive at Becca's house in Chapter 9?
(a) Five o'clock.
(b) Ten o'clock.
(c) Seven o'clock.
(d) Eight o'clock.

5. What had Becca's first article at her present job been about?
(a) The opening of a new school.
(b) A refugee's personal story.
(c) A battered women's shelter.
(d) A traveling circus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Becca's career?

2. At what point in her story does Gemma shudder in Chapter 3?

3. Who is Eve?

4. What did Roosevelt create in 1944 in Oswego?

5. What do Becca's nieces and nephew ask for in Chapter 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. When she investigates her grandmother's newspaper clippings, what does Becca learn from Arnie at the Palladium Times in Oswego?

2. In Chapter 6, why does Becca suppose Gemma was so caught up with the part of her story which said the curse would affect Briar Rose's whole family?

3. What name does Becca have for her car in Chapter 2? Why has she named her car?

4. Besides the document with an unknown name on it, what is inside the carved box which had belonged to Gemma?

5. As she continues the story in Chapter 6, how long does Gemma say the cursed people in the story slept for?

6. What does Sylvia press Gemma for a definition for in Chapter 9?

7. What does Becca's father remind her of when she says she is going to work in Chapter 8?

8. What is different about Gemma's version of Briar Rose's story from the traditional version?

9. What does Becca do in Chapter 2, which he sisters urge her not to?

10. While going through Gemma's box of mementos in Chapter 6, what does Becca realize about them?

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