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Chapters 1 through 5

• Shana and Sylvia beg their grandmother, Gemma, to tell them a story - youngest granddaughter Becca requests Sleeping Beauty.

• Gemma begins telling the story of Briar Rose, Sleeping Beauty - she says that the baby born to the King and Queen had a shock of red hair.

• Sylvia, Shana and Becca travel to the nursing home where Gemma now lives.

• Gemma spends a lot of time at the home visiting Gemma though he sisters do not.

• Gemma begins to tell the story of Briar Rose, fading in and out.

• Gemma tells Becca that she was the princess in the story, and makes Becca promise to find the castle, prince and "maker of spells".

• In her story, Gemma described the evil fairy as the one in black with big black boots and silver eagles on her hat.

• Gemma's funeral is held with a small service.

• No one...

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