Brian's Winter Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What items does Brian have from the emergency pack from the airplane?

Brian recovered the emergency pack from the airplane to aid in his survival. In the pack, he had a gun, shells, hunting knife with a compass in handle, eating utensils, pots and pans, first aid kit, sleeping bag and pad, matches, two lighters, fishing accessories, freeze dried food and a cap.

2. Why was Brian relieved when the food from the emergency pack was gone?

Brian believed that having the readily accessible food from the pack made him soft in addition to wanting more. It made his think of his life in the city and foods like burgers and malts.

3. How does Brian learn what is wrong with the gun?

When the rifle doesn't fire, Brian turns it up into the light to try and figure out what is wrong. It's not until he pulls the bolt back that he sees that the fire pin is broken.

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