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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Fall: Chapters 1-2)


In "Brian's Winter," the author begins the books with a Foreword, explaining why he returned to a previous character and created another story about him. The objective of this lesson is study the Foreword of this book.


1) Class Discussion: What is a Foreword? How is it different from an introduction to a book? What do you think the purpose of the Foreword to this book? Do you learn anything of the author? If so, what? In order to create this book, the author had to change the ending of "Hatchet," a book that preceded "Brian's Winter." Discuss whether you agree with this plan or not.

2) Small Group Discussion: In smaller groups, discuss the point made by fans, that Brian is rescued before "it became really hard going." Brainstorm other ways that the other could have addressed this point, other than offering an alternative ending to...

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