Brian's Winter Fun Activities

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Read or re-read "Hatchet".


Have an imaginary conversation with author Gary Paulsen. What would you talk to him about? What would you ask him?

Map It!

Based on descriptions in this book and in "Hatchet", determine the approximate area where Brian would have been stranded. Is it really as isolated as it sounds in the book?

Freeze Dried

Try some freeze dried food. How does it taste?

Food Dreaming

If you were going to dream of food, what do you think you would dream of?

Survival Stories

Search newspapers for survival stories.

Teens in the Wild

Research and see if you can find actual accounts where a teen has survived alone in the wild.

Bear It

Find some good resources on bears. What do they eat? How do they live? Do they attack humans, and if so, why?


Be a critic and write a review...

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