Brian's Winter Character Descriptions

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Brian Robeson

This character is traveling to visit a parent in Canada when the plane crashes.

Brian's Mother

A parent of the main character, this character gives a hatchet as a gift.


This character dies of a heart attack.

David Smallhorn

This character is a trapper who lives several miles from the plane crash.

Bushplane Pilot

This character arrives every six weeks and offers to return the main character to civilization.

Smallhorn Children

These characters like to hear about the survival story.


This character comes to the main character's campsite twice, and once tries to kill the person at the campsite.


These characters have a territory and know how to survive in the wilderness by taking down larger animals.


This character provides food for the main character.

Betty the Skunk

This character takes up residence in the campsite and demands a piece of meat...

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