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Part 1, Fall: Chapters 1-2

• In the foreword, the author explains about the novel called "Hatchet" that introduces the character of Brian Robeson.

• According to the author, some fans wanted to see how Brian would fare with more hardship.

• "Brian's Winter" is the story of what happens if Brian isn't rescued after 54 days.
• The hardest thing about surviving in the wilderness is the lack of food, in Brian's opinion.

• After finishing all the food in the emergency pack, Brian begins dreaming about different foods.

• Brian must hunt for his food.
• The emergency pack from the plane also contains a .22 rifle that Brian uses for hunting.

• One day, he fires the gun, which doesn't work.

• He realizes that the firing pin has broken and that there's no way to fix it.

• Brian must go back to hunting with his bow and arrow.

• He kills a rabbit for dinner.

• Brian fills...

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