Brian's Hunt Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What types of supplies did Brian bring to the wilderness?

Brian brought dried food, beans, rice, sugar, tea, a small cook set, salt and pepper, and matches.

2. How does Brian feel about the fire he starts with matches?

Brian still cannot get over how wonderful it is to be able to make a fire whenever he wants one. Matches make it so much easier to start a fire.

3. What were Brian's dreams like at first after the crash?

After the crash, Brian's dreams were almost nightmares. He would dream that he was sitting in the small plane, the only passenger, with the pilot dying and the plane crashing into the lake below.

4. What fond memories does Brian have of his first wilderness experience?

Brian fondly remembers the skunk that moved in with him and kept a bear away. He thinks about how he had eaten too many chokecherries and got sick. He thinks about the time a chickadee landed on his knee to take food from his hand.

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