Brian's Hunt Character Descriptions

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This character is a sixteen-year-old who goes to the wilderness alone.

Susan Smallhorn

This character escapes from a bear by getting into a canoe.

David Smallhorn

This character grabbed a gun when attacked by a bear, but was killed by the bear.

Anne Smallhorn

This character is attacked, killed, and partially eaten by a bear.

Brian's parents

These characters do not appear directly in the book, but are referred to by their son.


This character was away when a bear killed his parents.


This character is visiting relatives when her parents are killed by a bear.

The Canadian Mountie

This character comes when called after a bear attack and offers to fly other characters to Winnipeg.

The Natural Resources Ranger

This character refuses to hunt down the bear that killed two people because he believes it is impossible to find the bear.

The school official

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