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Chapters 1 and 2

• It is late summer, and Brian is back in the wilderness he loves.

• He travels in a canoe with more supplies than he had during his previous wilderness experience.

• He has packed food, a cook set, and matches.

• As he paddles his canoe, he remembers his first wilderness experience.

• He was the passenger in a small plane when the pilot died of a heart attack.

• When the plane crashed into a lake, Brian was left to survive alone.

• Brian considers how he has matured since that experience two years ago.

• Brian watches wildlife and considers hunting a moose.
• Brian remembers the family he stayed with after his wilderness experience.

• They were Cree Indians.

• The family included David and Anne Smallhorn and their children, who were away at school when Brian met them.

• Brian is headed to the Smallhorn camp approximately 30 miles from his current location.

• As...

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