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Short Answer Questions

1. Elisabeth Begner and Rudolf Forster starred in Shaw's _____ in 1924.

2. Who wrote the Beggar's Opera?

3. Brecht says actors should act for an audience of _____.

4. What does Brecht say was Wedekind's finest characteristic?

5. _____ are Brecht's collected plays in twelve volumes by Surhkamp and by Aufbau from 1953 and after.

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare the function of music in dramatic opera to epic opera.

2. What innovations happened as a result of writing the book?

3. Why does Brecht use the example of 'leave-taking' in "A Dialogue about Acting" and what does he mean by it?

4. How does Brecht compare his relationship with art and science?

5. Why does Brecht write that there is nothing at all new about epic theater?

6. What does Brecht tell Mr. X about the eternal urge to see of a play?

7. What was the function of the big canvas at the back of the stage in the production of Die Mutter?

8. What is the distinction between learning and amusing oneself in the theatre?

9. What advantages did Brecht feel the theatre had in Germany before he went into exile?

10. Why did the editor thank the people he did?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain Brecht's criteria for the subject matter of theatrical works. What is the ideal subject matter of epic theatre? What is its function?

Essay Topic 2

Compare radio and film to theatre from Brecht's perspective. Why is radio considered an 'apparatus'? What are the possible artistic merits of film as a vehicle of expression?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the creative atmosphere in theater in Berlin before World War II. How does Brecht feel about theatre during this time period? What sort of theatrical works are being produced?

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