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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can't Maggie break?
(a) Her bond with Fiona.
(b) He desire for the family to be one.
(c) Her love for her son.
(d) Her memories of Leroy.

2. What is the memory?
(a) A time where the two girls tried to find Serena's father.
(b) When Maggie's father died.
(c) Her mother getting dressed in the morning.
(d) Her father giving her the watch.

3. What is Jesse like?
(a) Boring.
(b) Unconventional, spontaneous.
(c) Intelligent and quick on his feet.
(d) Kind, considerate.

4. Does Maggie think that Jesse ever connected with her?
(a) No, because she sees herself as so boring.
(b) Yes, because she loves him so much.
(c) Yes, because she connected with Daisy.
(d) No. He is very selfish.

5. What was loosing Fiona and Leroy like?
(a) The first in a series of losses.
(b) Maggie missed them a little bit.
(c) Maggie did not care.
(d) A hard blow.

6. What does Maggie feel as she speaks to Serena?
(a) Sorrow for her friend.
(b) She is scared.
(c) Anger.
(d) Annoyed.

7. What did Jesse do on Ira's birthday?
(a) Left to spend time with a girl and his buddies.
(b) Got his father a present.
(c) Cursed his parents.
(d) Upset his dad.

8. What else does Maggie remember?
(a) The first kitten she and Ira had together.
(b) Reading on the beach .
(c) The family's first dog .
(d) Her salsa dancing days.

9. Why is Ira so upset?
(a) He does not want Fiona in his house.
(b) He does not want things to work out for Jesse.
(c) The plans for the day have completely changed.
(d) He does not wish to force anything on Fiona.

10. What does the watch remind Maggie of?
(a) It reminds her of her mother.
(b) It simply tells her the time.
(c) A good time she had with Ira.
(d) A sad time she had with Serena.

11. What does Maggie want back right at that moment?
(a) That first kitten .
(b) A new dog.
(c) Her family back.
(d) A new house.

12. What happened when Jesse quit high school?
(a) He ran away to be with a band.
(b) Daisy was very disapointed.
(c) It further harmed his realtionship with Ira.
(d) He met Fiona.

13. What is the truth about Jesse?
(a) He is broke.
(b) He still loves Fiona.
(c) He is living with another woman.
(d) He has been in jail .

14. What does Maggie often do too much of?
(a) Interfere with Jesse's life.
(b) She shares too much with people.
(c) Meddle in other people's affairs .
(d) Cares too much for people who don't care for her.

15. What happens at the grocery store?
(a) Maggie and Ira start singing.
(b) Everyone begins telling jokes.
(c) They dance down the aisles.
(d) They begin fighting.

Short Answer Questions

1. Does Jesse like his new job?

2. How was Fiona's temperament?

3. Why does Maggie call Serena?

4. What does Maggie think of her husband and son?

5. What does Serena think of the apology?

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