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Objective: Breathing Lessons is the story of Maggie and Ira Moran and the struggle for extraordinary moments in their quite commonplace marriage. The story, which takes place in one day, begins early on a Saturday morning as Maggie and Ira are preparing to travel from their home in Baltimore to a small town in Pennsylvania to attend the funeral of the husband of Serena, Maggie's best friend from high school.

1. Think of another book that examines such issues, here ordinary people are important and deal with normal problems. Discuss with the class.

2. Why is their marriage commonplace? Explain with a partner.

3. Compare Maggie and Ira's relationship to your parents or someone else in your family's.

Homework: Create another chapter in the book. What extraordinary circumstances could you add to the book?


Objective: Hearing Fiona's voice so unexpectedly causes Maggie to press the gas pedal instead of...

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