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Durwood Clegg - A friend of Maggie's from high school. He sings with Maggie at the funeral.

Ben Gabriel - This character lives at a nursing home. He is close with Maggie.

Serena Gill - This character has been friends with Maggie since childhood. Her husband has just died, and to cope with the misery of losing him she does outlandish things at his funeral. Maggie has been a good friend to this character for a long time.

Lamont - A responsible and kind young man who watches after his uncle.

Daisy Moran - This character is an extreme over achiever. She is extremely smart and intelligent.

Dorrie Moran - This character suffers from seizures that momentarily paralyze her left leg.

Fiona Moran - This is Jesse's ex-wife who now lives in Cartwheel, Pennsylvania.

Ira Moran - This character is a responsible husband and father, and...

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