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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Sophie get up early in the morning in Chapter 16?

2. Where does Sophie's mother live?

3. What is the name of Sophie's daughter?

4. In the story about the woman who stopped bleeding, who transforms the woman?

5. What name does Sophie give her mother for the man she likes?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Book 3, Chapter 26, Sophie overhears her mother and grandmother talking. What are they talking about and what happens after the conversation?

2. What does Sophie's therapist tell Sophie after she explains her mother's condition?

3. What does Sophie do for herself and for her baby in the morning, in Chapter 16?

4. What did Atie and her sister Martine do in Port-au-Prince when they were young?

5. What does Sophie see after she bathes and changes the baby?

6. Sophie calls Joseph back at her mother's apartment. What is their conversation about?

7. One night Sophie's grandmother cooks beans and she and Sophie have a conversation about Sophie's husband. What do they talk about?

8. What happens when Sophie returns to Haiti for her mother's funeral?

9. What happens the night Joseph comes home from touring and takes Sophie out to the Note?

10. What happens at the market when Sophie and her grandmother go there in Chapter 17?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Atie's behavior changes over the course of the book. Explain the changes that happen to her. Compare how she behaves during the two different periods. How does she behave while raising Sophie? What does she do when Sophie returns to Haiti? What does Ifé think about Atie? Who's Atie's friend?

Essay Topic 2

Sophie and Joseph's relationship develops over the years. Which changes occur? What causes these changes? Compare their relationship when Sophie is eighteen, when she has a daughter in Haiti, and when she returns to the United States.

Essay Topic 3

Death is introduced as a theme at the end of the book. In this case, death equals freedom. Explain this motif. Who is set free? How and why?

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