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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the item that arrives for the family the day an outsider joins supper?

2. Where does Sophie notice a statue of Erzulie?

3. How does Ifé feel after Atie yells at her makers at the kitchen table?

4. Atie behaves differently one morning at breakfast. What does Atie do when she eats breakfast?

5. What does Sophie's aunt learn to do while Sophie is away?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens at Sophie's mother's apartment the weekend that Joseph, Sophie, and Brigitte drive there on the weekend?

2. What happens at the market when Sophie and her grandmother go there in Chapter 17?

3. Sophie and her grandmother eat their dinner outside in the yard, watching a light move back and forth in the distance. What does this light mean? What happens to it?

4. Sophie calls Joseph back at her mother's apartment. What is their conversation about?

5. One night, Sophie comes home from seeing Joseph and finds her mother waiting for her in the living room. What happens after Sophie gets home?

6. What happens when Sophie asks Atie if Brigitte can sleep in her room?

7. What happens in Chapter 14 when Sophie and her aunt Atie walk home after Sophie arrives with a van?

8. Describe the events surrounding the Mother's Day card Sophie intends to give her Aunt Atie.

9. How does Sophie feel after the meeting at her sexual phobia group?

10. What happens when an older Sophie first arrives at her grandmother's house?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Atie's behavior changes over the course of the book. Explain the changes that happen to her. Compare how she behaves during the two different periods. How does she behave while raising Sophie? What does she do when Sophie returns to Haiti? What does Ifé think about Atie? Who's Atie's friend?

Essay Topic 2

Dreams are another big theme in "Breath, Eyes, Memory." Who is having dreams? What do the dreams symbolize? Compare and contrast each character's dreams.

Essay Topic 3

The Haitian government is violent and the Haitian people are fearful of it. This theme appears several times over the course of the book. Where is this displayed in "Breath, Eyes, Memory?" Give three examples of the fear and/or the violent regime.

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