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Objective: Characterization is the means by which a writer reveals the personalities of his or her characters. Occasionally, the writer will describe a character directly, stating outright that he or she is kind, intelligent or talkative. Usually, however, characterization is accomplished indirectly--that is, the author reveals the personalities of characters by what they--or other characters--say, do, and think. In the first two chapters, we get to know Sophie, her aunt Atie and her mother, Martine. This lesson will discuss the different characters.

1) Class Discussion: Who are the three main characters the author talks about in the first two chapters? What is their relationship towards each other? Why does Sophie live with Atie? What does the author outright tell you and what do you read between the lines?
2) Groups: Divide the students into groups of four. Have them compare the three main characters with the less important characters...

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