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Book 1, Chapter 1 | Book 1, Chapter 2

- Twelve-year-old Sophie lives in Croix-des-Rosets, Haiti.

- Sophie is being raised by her aunt Atie.

- Sophie makes a Mother's Day card for Atie, who wants Sophie to give it to her mother instead.

- Sophie has never met her mother who lives in New York.

- Sophie and Atie go to a potluck dinner.

- Atie tells Sophie about Sophie's mother.

Book 1, Chapter 3 | Book 1, Chapter 4

- Before Sophie leaves for the US, she and Atie visit Sophie's grandmother Ifé in La Nouvelle Dame Marie.

- Atie works hard to buy Sophie some farewell gifts.

- Sophie dreams about her mother a lot.

- Atie wins the lottery.

- Atie and Sophie leave for the airport by taxi.

Book 1, Chapter 5 | Book 1, Chapter 6

- Atie talks about her memories of Port-au-Prince.

- There are protesters near the airport.

- Sophie and Atie say goodbye...

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