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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the baby do to Bella in trying to get out?

2. Upon what does Bella base her estimate of her due date?

3. What does Bella do after parading around in lingerie?

4. What does Edward say Carlisle will do?

5. What does Jacob hate about Sam laying down the law?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is it evident that the vampires are appreciative of the werewolves' presence?

2. What does Sam refuse to do and how does he misunderstand what Jacob intends to do?

3. Why does Bella cry out and how is she afterward?

4. How does Bella finally seduce Edward for a second time of lovemaking, and why isn't Edward angry in the morning this time?

5. How does Bella feel about Jacob being there and how does Jacob feel about it?

6. Describe the strength of the pack leader's orders and why Jacob decides to fight the compulsion.

7. Why does Sam change his mind about attacking the Cullen home, and what is Jacob's response?

8. What do Edward and Jacob agree to when talking outside the house?

9. What are the signs that Bella may be pregnant?

10. What does Bella worry about as she greets the wedding guests?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Jacob does all he can to make Bella happy, and Bella feels she does not deserve such a good friend. Sam and the other wolves are waiting outside in case Jacob cannot keep it together, and he tells Bella he is going to try to remember her this way, with a heartbeat. Jacob is embarrassed to ask Bella a question, and he tries to hide his relief when she assures him she is not changing into a vampire until she comes back from her honeymoon. Jacob is glad to learn Bella will not start the transformation tonight, but he erupts when he learns she plans to have a real honeymoon, and the wolves force him to leave. Bella changes after the reception, and she is sad as she tells her parents goodbye, knowing it will be too dangerous to see them after she becomes a vampire. As Edward and Bella drive away, she hears a heartbreaking howl in the distance which fades as they leave Forks.

1. Do you think Bella and Jacob's friendship is one-sided, e.g. does Jacob give more to the friendship than Bella? Why or why not? Use examples from your own life and Breaking Dawn to support your reasoning.

2. Do you think Jacob has a right to be angry about Bella's plans for her honeymoon? Why or why not? Use examples from your own life and Breaking Dawn to support your reasoning.

3. Would you call Jacob's attitude towards Bella an obsession? Why or why not? Use examples from your own life and Breaking Dawn to support your reasoning.

Essay Topic 2

Breaking Dawn is one book in a series of novels involving Bella, Edward and Jacob. Discuss the following.

1. What are a couple advantages of writing a series of novels about the same characters? Use examples.

2. What are a couple disadvantages of writing a series of novels about the same characters? Use examples.

3. Do you prefer to read a standalone book, or a series of books with the same main characters? Explain your response.

4. Do you think it is easier, more difficult, or about the same to write a standalone book versus one in a series? Explain your answer.

Essay Topic 3

1. What is foreshadow? How many incidences of foreshadow are in Breaking Dawn? How does foreshadow contribute to a book's suspense?

2. Discuss an example of foreshadow in Breaking Dawn including why you believe it is foreshadow. Include examples from the book and your own life to illustrate your answer.

3. How do you think most people react to uncertainty in their lives? Use examples from Breaking Dawn and your own live to support your opinion.

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