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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Cullens decide to do to learn more about Renesmee?
(a) Take a blood sample and run a DNA analysis.
(b) Follow legends of vampire-human hybirds to their source.
(c) Go to the archives in Transylvania and see what information is there.
(d) Talk to the Volturi.

2. What does Edward suggest to allay Bella's panic when Bella is hunting?
(a) That is she can soothe the animals' dying, it is a good thing.
(b) That it is good for her to enjoy hunting animals so that she will not start hunting humans.
(c) That he hunt for both of them.
(d) That Renesmee reversed Bella's talent as Bella did to Edward's talent.

3. Why does Alice tell everyone to relax when Bella steps towards her daughter?
(a) Alice says Renesmee can defend herself mentally.
(b) Alice says Bella will not go any closer to her daughter right now.
(c) Alice actually tells them to be on guard and to not relax.
(d) Alice says Bella is in control of herself.

4. How does Carmen learn about Renesmee's history?
(a) Bella shows her the photo album.
(b) Renesmee shows her mentally.
(c) Carlisle shows her the photo album.
(d) Edward shows her mentally.

5. Where does Alice climb and what does she do at the opening of Chapter 24?
(a) Alice climbs on Bella's back and covers Bella's eyes.
(b) Alice climbs up a radio tower and grabs a falcon.
(c) Alice climbs up into the attic and searches through
(d) Alice climbs a tree to set a radio-operated intruder alert.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bella do when Aro waves his guard forward?

2. Why do the Cullens want to learn more about Renesmee's growth?

3. Who do the Volturui bring with them?

4. What does Charlie ask for just before he leaves?

5. Where does Bella drive after dropping off Renesmee and Jacob?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the first scent Bella smells on the hunt and how does she react?

2. What does Bella want of J. Jenks?

3. What does Bella do with the documents she gets from J. Jenks?

4. Why do the people caring for Bella think it best she not see Renesmee right away after waking?

5. What do the Cullens decide to do in order to try to slow Renesmee's growth, but what does Bella have to do first?

6. What happens when the Denalis arrive?

7. What is evidence that Renesmee is growing rapidly?

8. Why does Bella want to go to the Volturi alone and how does Edward feel about that plan?

9. How does Bella begin to work with her shield?

10. Why doesn't Bella answer Edward and how does Alice allay his worries?

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