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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jacob fight as Sam moves the pack into formation?
(a) His urge to go and warn Bella.
(b) The compulsion to lead Embry and Quil as Sam orders..
(c) Quil.
(d) His desire to kill Edward.

2. What does Jacob realize about himself?
(a) He loves Bella enough to want to protect Edward.
(b) He is stronger than he knows.
(c) He is never going to fight the Cullen family.
(d) He is the only one who can challenge Sam's edict.

3. Why does Charlie call Billy?
(a) To ask Billy advice about Bella.
(b) To tell Billy that Bella is very ill.
(c) To tell Billy something is wrong with Jacob.
(d) To ask about Jacob.

4. What does Esme take to Jacob?
(a) A word of advice.
(b) A plate of food.
(c) A glass of wine.
(d) A letter Bella wrote him a few weeks earlier.

5. What does Edward say Bella must tell him when they are swimming?
(a) If she changes her mind about becoming a vampire.
(b) If she wants to turn before they make love.
(c) If he is hurting her when they make love.
(d) If she wants to wait for a while before turning.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does Edward leave the house?

2. What does Jared want when he arrives at the Cullen house?

3. What can Jacob not stop himself from doing?

4. What does Bella worry about as she greets her wedding guests?

5. What does Seth do as Leah and Jacob go scout?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was the Denali clan's matriarch killed?

2. How does Bella finally seduce Edward for a second time of lovemaking, and why isn't Edward angry in the morning this time?

3. What does Bella worry about as she greets the wedding guests?

4. What does Carlisle say he is unwilling to do and at what point can he not make her a vampire?

5. Why does Edward mistakenly think Bella has said something to him?

6. Why does Bella cry out and how is she afterward?

7. Why does Edward tell Jacob to leave for a while?

8. Why does Sam change his mind about attacking the Cullen home, and what is Jacob's response?

9. Why does Sam say the werewolves will not attack the Cullens?

10. Describe the strength of the pack leader's orders and why Jacob decides to fight the compulsion.

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