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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Upon what does Bella base her estimate of her due date?
(a) On Bella's intuition.
(b) On the sounds of the baby's heartbeat.
(c) On the way her stomach is growing.
(d) On the way human fetuses develop.

2. What does Edward show Bella as he berates himself?
(a) There is a deep cut near Bella's jugular.
(b) The bedclothes are scattered all over the room.
(c) There are bruises all over Bella's body.
(d) There are several objects broken in the room.

3. Why does Jacob become enraged?
(a) That Edward has insisted Bella not see Jacob again.
(b) That Bella will never be able to see him again.
(c) That Bella is frightened of turning.
(d) That Bella is going to have a real honeymoon.

4. What does Jacob notice about Bella when he wakes again?
(a) She is almost as cold as a vampire.
(b) She is unconscious.
(c) She is crying.
(d) She is off the IV and sitting up.

5. Why does Bella feel close to crying?
(a) Because she is so frightened.
(b) Because she is hurting all over.
(c) Because she is homesick already.
(d) Because she thinks Edward is sorry to have married her.

6. Why won't Quil date other girls?
(a) He is blind when in human form.
(b) He cannot control his changing.
(c) He is gay.
(d) He cannot imagine it since he is imprinted on Claire.

7. What does Edward give Jacob for Leah and Seth?
(a) A heartfelt thanks.
(b) Food.
(c) Clothes.
(d) A plan.

8. What does Jacob notice about the girls in the park where he is sitting?
(a) Something about each one reminds him of Bella.
(b) Many of them are attractive.
(c) They seem fragile.
(d) They are so human.

9. When does Bella say she is due?
(a) About four days.
(b) About 2 weeks.
(c) About a day.
(d) Within a month.

10. Why does Edward throw Jacob some car keys?
(a) To go get some more blood from the hospital.
(b) To go get some human food for Seth and Leah.
(c) For him to get away for awhile and find some peace.
(d) For him to go talk to his dad to change his dad's mind.

11. Why does Bella say there is no need for Edward to be afraid?
(a) Because Edward is too gentle to hurt her no matter what.
(b) Because they belong together.
(c) Because Bella will stop him if it's too rough.
(d) Because Bella is strong.

12. What does the baby do to Bella in trying to get out?
(a) Breaks her pelvis.
(b) Bursts her kidneys.
(c) Crushes her spleen.
(d) Cracks her spine.

13. What does Edward tell Jacob about the baby when Jacob returns to the Cullen house?
(a) The baby does not know how much longer it can wait.
(b) The baby wants to sleep and they can get her out.
(c) They baby is tired and needs to come out.
(d) The baby is trying not to hurt Bella.

14. What does Edward call Jacob concerning Jacob's heritage?
(a) Pack warrior.
(b) The Alpha by birthright.
(c) Pack shaman.
(d) Native man.

15. Why does Jacob leave the wedding reception?
(a) He has to pick up his fiance at the Seattle airport.
(b) He is too sad to keep seeing Bella.
(c) The other wolves force him to do so.
(d) The reception is over.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what did Sam issue the Alpha edict at Bella's wedding?

2. Where does Jacob go after telling Sam to lead the pack in the right direction?

3. What does Seth do as Leah and Jacob go scout?

4. How do half-human, half-vampires escape their mother's womb?

5. Why does Jacob sit next to Bella?

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