Breaking Dawn Short Essay - Answer Key

Stephenie Meyer
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1. Why does Bella feel self-conscious as she drives home and what distracts her on her drive?

Engaged, Bella feels self-conscious as she drives to the gas station in her new car, but she tries not to care what people think about the car, her engagement and her acceptance to an Ivy-league school. On the drive home, Bella is distracted by flyers depicting Jacob, her best friend. The flyers were her father's idea. Charlie is disappointed in Bella and Jacob's father's lack of involvement in the search for Jacob, but Billy and Bella know roughly where Jacob is and that he does not want to be found.

2. How does Charlie react to Edward and Bella's desire to marry?

Charlie is still sulking about Bella's pending marriage. Bella recalls the night she and Edward told him. Charlie walks in the house, and Edward tells him they had good news. At first, Charlie thought Bella was pregnant, but after she assured him she was not, Edward asked for Charlie's blessing since Bella had already agreed to marry him. Charlie starts laughing and tells Bella she had to tell her mother, Renee.

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