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Stephenie Meyer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 15: Book 3, Chapters 38 & 39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Bella answer Edward when he calls to her?
(a) She cannot open her mouth.
(b) She can't hear him calling her.
(c) She would only scream which would hurt him.
(d) She is angry with him.

2. How do half-human, half-vampires escape their mother's womb?
(a) It is not known.
(b) Forcing themselves through the usual method, but they are usually too big.
(c) Chewing out with their teeth.
(d) About the same way as human babies.

3. What does Edward mistake for Bella saying something?
(a) Bella speaking in her dreams.
(b) Bella speaking to Alice.
(c) Alice speaking in Edward's mind.
(d) The baby speaking in Edward's mind.

4. About what is Jacob glad?
(a) That Bella is going to have a real honeymoon.
(b) That Jacob has found a woman to love.
(c) That Bella will not start the transformation that night.
(d) That Bella has been given permission to tell her mother.

5. Where does Jacob go after telling Sam to lead the pack in the right direction?
(a) He stays at the meet house so he will not fall under compulsion again.
(b) To warn Edward.
(c) To his home to get a gun.
(d) To take Bella to safety.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who runs away?

2. What does Charlie say after laughing about the engagement?

3. What does Edward bring forth to convince Aro that Renesmee should be left alone?

4. When does Bella say she is due?

5. Of what does Edward remind Bella at sunrise?

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