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Stephenie Meyer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12: Book 3, Chapters 30-32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eleazar call Bella?
(a) A shadow.
(b) A warrior.
(c) A shield.
(d) The problem.

2. When does Bella say she is due?
(a) About a day.
(b) Within a month.
(c) About 2 weeks.
(d) About four days.

3. What does Edward tell Jacob about the baby when Jacob returns to the Cullen house?
(a) They baby is tired and needs to come out.
(b) The baby does not know how much longer it can wait.
(c) The baby wants to sleep and they can get her out.
(d) The baby is trying not to hurt Bella.

4. Where does Alice climb and what does she do at the opening of Chapter 24?
(a) Alice climbs on Bella's back and covers Bella's eyes.
(b) Alice climbs a tree to set a radio-operated intruder alert.
(c) Alice climbs up into the attic and searches through
(d) Alice climbs up a radio tower and grabs a falcon.

5. Why doesn't Paul ever leave Jacob's house?
(a) Because he wants Jacob to claim pack leadership.
(b) Because he is afraid of being a werewolf.
(c) Because he is protective of Jacob.
(d) Because he has imprinted on Rachel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who owns the island where Edward and Bella go for their honeymoon?

2. What does Jacob learn after he hears Bella cry out?

3. Why can't Bella move or scream?

4. Why is Charlie sulking?

5. Why does Jacob become enraged?

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