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Stephenie Meyer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 4: Book 2, Chapters 8-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Bella behave that night when they are getting ready for bed?
(a) Frightened.
(b) Happy just to have Edward even if they have to wait for more sex.
(c) Cool.
(d) Pleads, tries to seduce Edward and then gets grouchy.

2. What does Edward show Bella as he berates himself?
(a) The bedclothes are scattered all over the room.
(b) There are bruises all over Bella's body.
(c) There are several objects broken in the room.
(d) There is a deep cut near Bella's jugular.

3. Why does Bella feel close to crying?
(a) Because she is hurting all over.
(b) Because she is homesick already.
(c) Because she is so frightened.
(d) Because she thinks Edward is sorry to have married her.

4. What does Jacob want to do with the Cullens now?
(a) Force them to abort Bella's baby and save her life.
(b) Kill them.
(c) Protect them.
(d) Force them to leave Forks.

5. What is Alice doing when Bella arrives at the Cullen home?
(a) Pulling the last layer of the wedding cake out of the oven.
(b) Helping Edward finish with his tux.
(c) Sewing some last minute darts in Bella's dress.
(d) Ironing Alice's wedding dress.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why won't Quil date other girls?

2. Why does Charlie call Billy?

3. What is the only way Sam will agree to do what Jacob wants about the Cullens?

4. What does Charlie say after laughing about the engagement?

5. What does Jacob hate about Sam laying down the law?

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