Objects & Places from Breaking Dawn

Stephenie Meyer
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Forks, WA

This is the main setting of Breaking Dawn and the rest of the Twilight series.

La Push

This is the Quileute reservation near Forks, WA, where Jacob and the werewolves live with their tribe.


This is the city near Forks where Alice sends Bella to meet J. Jenks to obtain papers for Renesmee.

Isle Esme

This is a private island off the coast of Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

Bella places a piece of paper that reads this location with Renesmee and Jacob's forged documents.


Bella plans to visit the Volturi at their home here.

Cullens' Home

This is a large, open house in Forks created largely from glass.


The Cullens give Bella and Edward this structure in the woods near their home.


This is where the Cullens and their witnesses gather to face the Volturi.


This is the home of Siobhan...

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