Breaking Dawn Multiple Choice Test Questions

Stephenie Meyer
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Section 1: Book 1, Chapters 1-3

1. Why does Bella feel self conscious?
(a) Having a large engagement ring on her finger.
(b) Driving her new car.
(c) Having her hair coloring turn out to be a strange color.
(d) Her nose is all red from a cold.

2. What distracts Bella on her way home?
(a) Flyers about Jacob.
(b) A car accident.
(c) A glimpse of a werewolf running through the woods.
(d) Seeing her father go by with his police lights on.

3. In what is Charlie disappointed concerning Jacob?
(a) Some of Jacob's closest friends and relatives seem uninterested in searching for him.
(b) Jacob is hanging out with some unsavory kids.
(c) Jacob almost shot Edward by accident.
(d) Jacob has decided not to go to college.

4. Why is Charlie sulking?
(a) About Bella allowing Edward to buy her a car.
(b) About Bella going East for school.
(c) About Bella's mother not coming for the wedding.
(d) About Bella's impending marriage.

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