Breaking Dawn Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stephenie Meyer
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Section 1: Book 1, Chapters 1-3

• Bella feels self-conscious driving in such a new car and about being accepted to an Ivy-league school.

• Seth tells Bella Jacob still is not talking to the pack but Seth will see her at the wedding. Bella recalls telling her father and mother about her wedding.

• Alice is at the house helping Charlie get into his tuxedo and Bella sends Edward off to his bachelor party.

• The Denalis clan will be at the wedding even though they are still in mourning because the Volturi killed their mother.

• Their mother had created an immortal child and that is a forbidden act punishable by death.
• Bella reminds Charlie to pick up the minister on his way to the Cullen's house. Alice picks up Bella and takes her there.

• Rosalie, Alice and Renee help Bella get into her dress and do her hair and make-up. Charlie joins...

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