Breakfast on Pluto Fun Activities

Patrick McCabe (novelist)
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Personal Shopper

Using magazines, catalogs and the internet, select $200 worth of clothing for Patrick. Consider what he values in the clothes he wears.

Political Cartoons

Create a political cartoon that represents the tensions in Ireland during the civil war.


Create a collage that represents one of the following themes from "Breakfast on Pluto": motherhood, forgiveness, and loneliness.

Create a word search using important vocabulary, including people's names and places, from this novel.

Radio Show

Pretend you are the host of a radio show. Interview two of the characters from this novel. Then, take questions from callers.

Gossip Column

Pretend you are the writer of a gossip column. Write a column that covers at least three different scandalous affairs from "Breakfast on Pluto".

Personal Ad

Pretend you are Patrick and write a personal ad to appear in the local paper. Consider what he is looking for...

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