Breakfast on Pluto Character Descriptions

Patrick McCabe (novelist)
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Patrick Braden/Pussy

This character has issues with gender confusion.

Charlie Kane

This character becomes an alcoholic after the death of a friend.

Irwin Kerr

This character is obsessed with war.

Father Bernard

This character is the main character's father.

Eily Bergin

This character was assumed to be raped by a priest.


This character is a psychiatrist.

Eamon Faircroft/Mr. Teat/Dummy

This character is a politician who dies in a car bomb explosion.

Mrs. Whiskers

This character is the main character's stepmother.

Silky String

This character is a client of the main character that tried to strangle him.


This character enjoys karaoke and has a penchant for yellow.


This character is a landlady whose son died in an accident.


This character is fifteen years old and has an affair with a married man.

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