Breakfast on Pluto Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Patrick McCabe (novelist)
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Chapter 1, Merry Christmas, Mrs. Whiskers | Chapter 2, Patrick Braden, Aged 13 - The Trouble Begins in Earnest!

• The pastor, Father Bernard, reflects on the passion that is missing from his Christmas masses.

• Father Bernard lost his passion when he fathered a child with a housemaid.

• The child's name is Patrick and he lives with his mother and seven siblings.

• Patrick gets in trouble at school for writing inappropriate essays.

• Patrick's teacher, Peepers Egan, confronts him.

• Patrick says "I haven't the slightest intention of stopping it." and is slapped, but not punished any more.

Chapter 3, In Flagrante Delicto, 7.03 p.m., Sept. 13 1968 | Chapter 4, Mrs. O'Hare's Smalls

• When Caroline and Whiskers leave the house, Patrick sneaks into Whiskers' room.

• Patrick puts on Whiskers' make-up and Caroline's dress.

• Whiskers catches Patrick singing and dancing in the dress.

• After Patrick promises not to wear Caroline's things anymore, he steals Mrs. O'Hare's smalls.

• Mrs. O'Hare catches...

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